Alfredo Behrens 

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Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator

on leadership and cross-cultural management.

 He also designs jewels. 

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Suzy Welch: "Fascinante e inovador!"

Laura Aguiar: "Erudito sem perder o humor"

Nelson Blecher: "Ilumina as raízes da liderança na América Latina"

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Published by Stanford University Press

Publicado pela Editora Saraiva

Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator in English, Spanish and Portuguese

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The mobile Demoiselle, below, is a tribute to the pioneering Brazilian aircraft designer Santos Dumont, who flew his Demoiselle over Paris in 1907. Flying then was for birds and feathers. Learning to fly was accomplished while falling out a nest; wind could come to the rescue.

This is why in this tribute to Santos Dumont I combined the allusions of a feathered nest and a jangada sail.
Jangadas are boats as primitive as Dumont's Demoiselle, which nonetheless sailed as Demoiselle flied, except that the jangada's design did not evolve and can still be seen on the breeze swept beaches of Northeastern Brazil.

Except for the sail, made of copper foil bathed in silver, the rest of the Demoiselle mobile is made of sterling silver. There is also an empty quail egg and a galinha d'Angola feather on the nest side. The pure silver threads that fix the sail to the silver structure allude to the sewing of the canvas to the bamboo that made Demoiselle's wings.

The background music played is a segment of Villa-Lobo's Bachiana number 5, Aria Cantilena, sung by Leila Guimarães and played at the piano by João Carlos Assis Brasil.